Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Blogging is hard!

So what happens if you take several months off and then try to find your blog again? Uggg it takes you 20 minutes to get back in!
I have been working like crazy in the pilot car biz. and have not been doing much in the world of design team projects. I ended up kind of feeling burned out trying to keep up with deadlines, work and kids! so in my free time I just enjoyed doing some projects on the side just for me :) Here are some works for the past several months just to share a few...

artist is GJzcck. You can find her on etsy

This is a Mo's digital pencil image

Artist: Buddhaborg also fund on etsy

Artist Keeleart found on etsy

This is by Bennett Klien you can find his book on Amazon it is called Colour my Sketchbook

another from Bennett Klein same book.

Lol also Bennett Klein same book... cant tell I like these one right?

This image is by Aurorawings. Found on etsy.

So yes I have definitely had some stuff in the works :) but I have also done some other projects as well.

My brother is the CEO of Golden Leaf Holdings and challenged be to do some oil photography for him! I spent days and made a heck of a mess to pull these shots off! Sadly a graphic designer won he spot. Pshhhhhhh is all I have to say to that! Lol
Here are some shots:

These are 100mm Macro shots all done in a pitch black room relying on a noise trigger to release my flash and shutter at the same time on a Canon 5D Mark III. It's probably needless to say I had oil from one end of the room to the other splashing coins in a dish blind! But it was fun!

Also a few sketches from the oil splashes :

Not nearly as pretty as the pics lol!

Well I hope you enjoyed the quick update! I have a few more things to share with you shortly!!!!

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