Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Lots of color!

Good morning all!
I think I stayed up till at least 2 am working on this background using some amazing techniques

I have to say though it wasn't a good time for so many of my markers to be drying out..
In my middle of the night delirium I couldn't help but wonder what would people think if I stood on a street corner and held a sign up:

Will Color

I need so many!!! Sigh some day my collection will be complete..

But any how to the details you really want!
The image is from my shop: 

and copic colors used:
RV69, R59, R56, R39, R46, R37, R43, R32, Y17, YR23
BV25, B37, B18, B29, B28, B24, B26, B32, B32, B41,B01, B00, B000, B0000, YG13
YG67, YG17, YG13.

This weekend is my Sponsor weekend on 
Passionate Paper Creations!
Please be sure to check it out! I have some New images to share!

I hope to see you there!

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