Friday, November 7, 2014

Tour of my space!

To start this page off right how about a tour of the craft room? I've been collecting and building my supplies for over 11 years! It started with a small desk in a corner to what you see now. I don't only make cards, I dabble in just about everything I can get my hands on. I'm always thrilled to learn something new. From crochet of blankets to hats, scrapbooking, furniture refinishing, a bit of photography, sewing from quilts to clothes, even down to doll clothes... Even built a few dollhouses! A Jill of all trades lol!

To start this was a dining room, beautiful arched door, wrap around window's, wood floors and it even at one time had a wall length bench. I being the crazy person that I am took it over and made it my own :)

Would you look at that beautiful chair! My Grandma passed away recently and I was able to take her beautiful chair and her afghan that she made. It really makes me happy to have it in here.
Here is a view out the back. I used to have a chicken coup that we built that was always fun to watch. But it was torn down just recently with the rehoming of our last two chickens. Now the view is a tree house and all the deer that come to visit. You might be able to make out some remaining pumpkin in the yard that we tossed out for them to eat.
Also as you can see lots of Stampin Up on the shelves there :)

Here is some more of my mess. A beautiful refinished dresser done by one of my past neighbors daughter, then a fun spinning green table that I tackled. I Love how it turned out! and of course more stamps... the scrap rack is full to the hilt, and more shelves of Stampin up and dies for the sizzix :) And no room would be complete with out baskets of yarn am I right?

Here is my creative space where most everything is put together.

                                                 No space is complete with out Copics :)

                                                                    Yep, more stamps...

Just a little cluttered but organized to the hilt. To the back is a pantry so of course this is a high traffic area. Check out on the door, I took scrap rack hooks and put them on a over the door pantry rack for more hanging stamp storage...

yep more stamps on the next wall and my trusty Silhouette!

Here is the computer area... or facebook checker lol! Up top are dolls that I made, including some BJD dolls that I have attempted face ups on... that might better be left to the professionals :) If you look carefully you can see a framed card made by Alyce from Kit and Clowder! Her classes are amazing by the way!!
Also a few camera lenses. I kinda love them :)

And here is the stranger side of things... first of all meet Duke our Chocolate lab who loves to leave his own art work on the windows while the deer are grazing away...
Also my craft room come's complete with a big red Tool Box! I got sick of getting in trouble for barrowing DH's dirty old tools. So I got my own. And they are ALL shiny and pretty! Of course guess who barrows them from me??? UH hu. yep. Look closely there is a drill charger on top of the white drawers... but no drill. I haven't seen it in like a month...
Also yep that s a 22 hanging over my door. It's crafty I swear! The wood work is amazing and it matches my crochet hooks!
Well I hope you enjoyed my little tour. I love having a space of my own.. Full of color and creativity.  Though it may be changing in the future. My twins have gone off to college and one of their rooms with a door that closes is looking pretty tempting... The question is, what is a respectable amount of time before you take over their space lol!
Thank you for stopping by!!!




  1. A lovely craft room Shell. Great job making your blog. I haven't done anything on my blog for some time. Always on Facebook LOL.
    Hugs Maz

  2. What a wonderful craft room and a great way to start your blog. I am very jealous of your space and I would say a couple of months to take over the room lol, although my 2 are only 2 & 4 so got a long time before I can take over one of their rooms lol

  3. Oh my Shell, what a luscious craft room. We moved mine from downstairs to upstairs with about half the space and I still don't have it organized. Thanks for sharing with us! Hope this motivates me to get busy and get mine put back together.

  4. You have my DREAM craft area!! That is insane!! I LOVE IT


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