Friday, November 7, 2014

Well after such a long break from really being involved in the crafty world it looks like blogger land is still alive and kicking! I have mainly been using face book to chat and stay in touch with all my friends and family so I never put a thought into reopening a blog when the time came to jump back in with all you wonderful people!! But low and behold I have been asked a several times how to get to my blog... And I felt rather stupid saying ummm well I don't have a blog lol.
 So here it is in it's infancy. I opted to start fresh with a new blog rather than reviving the old one.

Here is a card made for: I was so excited to receive a request from her last night to make a few cards for her! Whoop Whoop! So of course I had to run around the house like a lunatic doing the happy dance before I could get started. But then I finally settled down and whipped one out... you know in-between Grays Anatomy, Scandal and How to get away with Murder. Lol. I've decided I need a tv in the craft room... just saying :)

When I figure out how you all add the little linkies for supplies used I will add those on but for now copics used are:
Skin E000, EOO, E11, R20, and E04.
Hair E19, E13 AND YR23
Clothing: R22, R35, R39, R81, R85. YG01, YG05 and YG09
Shoes: W9, W7, W3.
The background paper is by Jackie Eckles from Fancy Pants Design.
Thank you all for popping in and checking out a new standing blog... Not much yet but hopefully as I get my baring and figure it all out there will be more to come! Any Tips and suggestions are more than welcome!



  1. What a beautiful card and welcome back to the land of blogging :)

    To add links when you are writing your blog there is a little box along the top of the page where all your editing options are and one that says link. Highlight the word/s that you want linked and then click on that and you can paste your link in the box that pops up. Hope that makes sense x

  2. love card!! glad to see you blogging =)


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