Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New Craft room

Well I did it, I took over one of the twins rooms now that they have ran away to college.
But the good news is I put two twin beds in the other empty room... see always room to come home!
So with no further ado welcome to my room...

View from the door... hmmm time to take out the paper bin...
I have a hemp line running on the wall with hooks to hold packets of stamps. Those are mostly Bella's and a few Tiddley inks.
Above on the book shelf I drilled a hole through each of the support brackets and ran a dowel through them to create more hanging space. That holds Unity stamps and odds and ends.
 I repeated that on the brown book shelf. They are steel dowels I found at the hardware store. You can find my Kraftin Kimmies there and my Saturated Canary in the box top shelf. 
On the other wall are curtain rods to hold punches. Where I couldn't fit them all I have a board running the line in the window space for more...

 other side... My grandmother's chair and Blanket she made.
I took of the doors to the closet and ran stamp shelves on both sides and a longer shelf across the top of those... Tucked a dresser and lots of adds and ends in the closet.

Continuing the rotation around the room.... stamp shelves... and more stamp shelves!!
I've added a built in shelves behind the door in the negative space for... You guessed it, Stamps!
I do love my Rubbers!

This would be paper and ink and yep more stamps... I keep furniture refinishing stuff in the hidden cupboards on the bottom.

More clutter... and a chair for which ever of my kiddo's that happen to want to visit me :)

And last but not least back to the beginning my computer and area where I create my messes!
So hopefully that covers it. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Not the best of pics as the smallest lens I had was a 24mm. made climbing into corners a bit of a challenge! A room never feels small till u take pics with limited lenses on a dslr!


  1. Wow, your room is stunning.
    Love the window…my room is downstairs and doesn't have a window…..so I envy anyone with a window.
    Your room is so big and nicely organized,
    But I have to say, I love all of your stamps out on display.
    I am having a hard time with my wooden stamps, as I want to see them all, but haven't the room

  2. I love the layout of everything! Computer nice and close for inspiration. Perfect!! We're building a new home so I have lots to think about. Yikes!! Awesome job!!

  3. BTW - twins?! I'm a twin! LUV IT!! hee hee

  4. Now that is what I call I craft room. You have so much stuff but it is all really organised. Isn't it wonderful to have your own crafty space. \I did the same as you, when my eldest son left home I took over his bedroom as my little haven. I have no where near as big a crafty stash as you - but I am working on it ;)

  5. TOTES JELLY, Shell ... I love it ... I really MUST either move upstairs where I have walls to work with or finish the other side of our basement where I keep all my goodies - Especially love the behind the door storage - so many of my loose stamps are in (5) 4-drawer bins that I forget I have them - this is a wonderful way to display them using even LESS floor space. Did I say "TOTES JELLY" yet, lol? Love it, love it, love it!

  6. Looks wonderful. Love the built in behind the door. Please share measurements so I can use this fabulous idea.

  7. Looks wonderful. Love the built in behind the door. Please share measurements so I can use this fabulous idea.

  8. Shell, Love the new craft room! Most excellent! I also have a quick question for you. You shared/entered a card on the Whimsy Inspirations blog with a card that had a dream catcher on it. Could you drop me a line and let me know more about it? Thank you! Christine


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