Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Party Sheep!

Here is my inspirational card for
This was perfect for the New Year!
It's called Party Sheep!
I've put a little bit of a tutorial together for the fluffy sheep :)
I first started out with my W3 and dotted around in circle patterns...
Then went down a shade to W2 and began filling the circles in:
adding darker areas as I went. I also darkened some areas with the W3
Then, you guessed it I dropped to W1
I ended up sneaking some W5 in area's that just didn't pop enough then got frustrated and whipped out the W6 Perfect!!
Ive used all the same shades for the face, arms and feet as well but I started out with a W9 and worked my way down.
Hope this wasn't to confusing? I need to pop in and see how Alyce does this on Kit and Clowder...
10 to 1 I'll have a whole new sheep!
Thank you so much for popping by!
Please stop by the Inky Challenge Blog to view all the other amazing creations!

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