Sunday, January 11, 2015

Once upon a Time

So its a cold wet muddy day.
My little one is off to play while my older sweets has decided she's ready to head back to her dorm after wisdom teeth removal. House work is done.
So I figured the best thing to do was enjoy the quiet and color :)
I chose this Beautiful
image by:
This was put together using a wish wash of colors as I had all my markers spread all over my desk from a fun evening of coloring with two of my girls. I really just grabbed what ever looked good and didn't pay much attention to color combos. I'm sorry that I didn't take notes on colors :(
But next time.
I will be posting this over at the
as my third and final image. I hope you all enjoyed taking a peek. Feel free to ask any questions at all. I'll do my best!
Talk soon!

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