Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I survived the Denist

I am one who truly fears the dentist. And of course I had an apt early this morning.
Sooo not being able to sleep I colored and drew more than half the night away. I have to tell you. When I got home I dropped like a ton of rocks and slept like three hours! 
Shhhhhhh! Don't Tell!!!

Any way here is a card I just finished up using one of the images I've been working on.
The grocery store is packed full of Beautiful flowers and inspiration is still running strong.

I found some mums that reminded me of my Grandmas favorite flowers the Spider mum.

So I felt the need to sketch one out.

I chose darker purples for this one :)
Colors used are BV04, BV08, V20, BV000.
G29, G94, YG17, YG13.

The background and sentient are from Stampin up.


  1. Your flower is stunning. I love Dahlias and this is just wonderful!! Who is the artist that did the stamp?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hello! Thank you! Actually I drew up the Dahlia. I'm having a bit to much fun with flowers these days. Hope you have a wonderful day!


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